Our mission is to help businesses manage
cash flow.

We believe that credit availability is the most potent growth catalyst for businesses, and as such, we strive to provide accessible and affordable credit solutions.

How it

Our story starts

Zuvy began as an invoice factoring company for small and medium-sized enterprises – providing upfront cash for unpaid invoices. These receivables are often payable in 30-60 days making it difficult for these small business owners to manage their income. As our businesses expanded, they started to rely on our invoicing software for their daily operations. We’ve since built a full suite of invoice creation, management, and payment tools that aid the process of procurement for small and large organizations.


Zuvy operates primarily within the fast moving consumer goods, health care, and supply chain sectors. We endeavor to provide essential invoicing software and working capital to enable our vendors to secure new contracts, digitize their operations, and regulate their cash flow.

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