Get an
for your unpaid invoices.

Stop waiting weeks to get paid. Create and send your invoices through Zuvy and get cash upfront for your business today.

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Getting a
cash advance
on an invoice is easy with Zuvy.

Create and send
to clients
You can send invoices to all your clients with a few simple steps. Alert your clients about a new invoice using their emails or through WhatsApp.
Get invoice
Notify your clients to approve your invoice once they receive it to make it eligible for an advance payment.
Request cash
Get a cash advance for up to 100% of the total invoice amount and pay back once your client pays you.

your business in one place

Zuvy covers all your invoicing needs from creating invoices to getting cash advance on unpaid invoices and organizing your invoicing history. We provide a complete invoicing stack to manage your business and keep it thriving.

View all your past and present invoices

Access your entire invoicing history duly organized and categorized on your Zuvy dashboard.

Get reminders for all outstanding payments.

Stay updated on all your invoicing acivities and promptly make and receive payments with Zuvy.

Transform your payment cycle.
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